Renovation Regrets: Don’t Let These Things Kill Your Home Value!

In a world of rising interest rates and mortgage costs, it’s crucial to max out your home’s value. We’ve got homeowners and real estate agents spilling the tea on renovations that can tank your home’s worth.

Here are the renovations that may decrease the value of your home:

12. Sun-Room

Sun Room
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Sunrooms, while a charming addition to any home, can be quite the money pit. The expense of construction and the ongoing maintenance costs might make you wish you were just basking in the sun outdoors.

Before committing to the idea of a sunroom, it’s essential to weigh the potential costs against the benefits, ensuring that your investment aligns with both your dreams and your budget.

11. Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool
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Although a dip in the pool during a hot, humid day sounds like a luxurious addition, pools only add value to homes when you live in a hot, humid environment for most of the year.

Since pools cost a fortune to build and typically interest families with kids, the “pool” of interested buyers depreciates and can decrease the value of your home.

10. A Hot Tub

Hot tub with candles ready to take a bath.
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Like built-in pools, hot tubs only apply to a slim margin of interested buyers. If you have kids, hot tubs pose an imminent danger to young kids, requiring constant money and maintenance to upkeep the tub.

Plus, if you live in a humid environment, hot tubs may be a downside to the property.

9. An Aquarium

Aquarium In Home
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Many people today adore tending to a built-in glass aquarium full of several species of marine life. However, what some may need to learn is the constant work required to maintain a built-in aquarium. My best friend had a fish tank and donated the contraption due to the tank’s continuous water filtering and cleaning.

Also, if an interested buyer doesn’t like marine life, you’ve lost some income.

8. Fewer Closets

Woman in robe is standing and holding white wire basket of folded bed sheets near organized linen closet in bathroom.
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Homeowners love closets. They need extra space for storage, especially when moving from an apartment into a house. By removing closets and installing additional rooms, homeowners need to spend more money on furniture to hold extra clothes and goods.

In turn, the homeowner wastes money on furniture, and the home value dwindles.

7. Fewer Bedrooms

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Sometimes families with young kids merge smaller bedrooms together to conserve space. When these kids age, they crave their own space, and when they move out, guests must dwell in the merged bedrooms, remiss of privacy.

Instead, place less furniture and paint the walls a warm color to increase the value of your home.

6. High-End Additions

Luxurious Living Room
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Everyone values their own taste. Many people adore black and white tile, while others despise the retro look. Suppose you impose too much high-end personal preference in your house.

In that case, the potential pursuer may get overwhelmed and take their money elsewhere.

5. Excess Wallpaper

Wall Paper UVP23 H3 Visionary Homes D Copperhaus Design (42)
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As mentioned above, personal taste is excellent when living in a house. Still, when marketing a home, you need to make it appeal to your largest audience. That means limiting wallpaper and wacky designs while maintaining neutral decorations.

Wallpaper can cost up to $1,000 per room, which isn’t a deposit you’ll likely get in return.

4. Electronics

Smart home assistant speaker on kitchen worktop in home setting
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The digital world appeals to younger generations, who most likely aren’t buying homes yet. So, avoid installing smart fridges and complicated televisions so you can market your house toward a population likely to purchase the house.

Only some people want Alexa to control their lights.

3. Carpet

Contemporary living area with designer furniture and carpet
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Carpets do nothing for the value of a home. The worst thing you can do before selling a house is wrapping hardwood floors with carpet. The shine of a solid wood floor attracts buyers and adds numbers to the projected price of your home.

2. Sunrooms

open plan living area with sliding door and garden
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Despite sunrooms attracting potential homeowners, appraisers don’t always include the sunroom’s square footage in the house’s description. This means that despite the money you put into the sunny room, the value won’t show up on the price tag.

1. Themed Rooms or House:

Sea Themed Bedroom Design
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This amazing dream bedroom may be the dream of you 8 year old, but will it age well?  How will she feel about it when she is 17?  Stay away from extensive or immersive  themes, as they may make it harder for a buyer to see themselves in the home.  Even if it is done impeccably.

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