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Earlier today I showed you what has been going on in the remodel of our master bedroom (check it out it is worth it!).  It has come a long way!!  Monday we decided to put the room together a little bit more by just adding a little bit of decor and updating our bedding.  It literally only took about an hour and every time I walk by my room I am SO much happier with it than I was before.




Wanna see the REALLY before?  I’d say that is a pretty good before and after.



But the two hour update version started here.  This is what it looked like on Monday when we started, and you can thank me for not making my bed, cuz I’m human.



The only decorating we had done in this space was putting up the family pictures, but then I got a new (to me) side dresser table and we needed to push the bed over to make it fit.  Which means they were sort of hanging there in no man’s land.  First thing we needed to do was move them over and center them above the bed.  

And don’t worry that blue tape up in the corner has only been up on the ceiling since last winter when we had a really bad draft and needed to caulk it closed.   Please tell me I’m not the only one that can live with unfinished things for an unnaturally long time…. crickets.

As it was above, my bedroom definitely felt pretty sterile.  We have a sort of modern mix going on in our house, so I didn’t really want to change that.  I like simple and modern, but I did want to soften it just a bit, and make the room feel a little more restful.  Luckily, this month I get to partner on a small project with Better Homes and Gardens line for Walmart, and the post may contain affiliate links.  But check out some of the links because everything is budget friendly!  Which means all the updates we made will definitely not break the bank.  

Here are the pieces I decided to try out.

I wanted to decorate my little dresser first.  Thinking on the lines of bedroom decor, I needed a lamp, clock, wall art piece,  a couple cute decorative items for the table.  I decided that since this is my happy space that a couple pictures of my family would be nice to see, and a small votive, plus a few cool books that I am reading (and happen to match my headboard and drapes… totally meant to be!)  All the items I purchased for the space are listed above.


Our old bedding was literally leftover from our old master bedroom and whatever we could find…. Mostly it worked fine with our old headboard, but not so much with our current headboard.  So, all the colors really needed to be quieted down.  Because our room is actually kind of small, I also thought lightening up the bedding would really help the room feel more open.  I just used layers of whites and creams in the room (with the raw wood ceiling and black accents to tie in the bed) which means the bedding is all neutral.


The best part of the space is the way it glows at night.  I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to walk by this space and see it all glowing and comfortable.


Or how it floods with bright light in the morning and is so happy!


All told for everything it was only a little over $200 bucks!   You just can’t beat that price!  And it was worth every penny to FINALLY have a comfortable room to retreat to at night.  (In fact, we made the bed first thing this morning, because it made us so happy to have it all looking beautiful)


What would you do to update your bedroom decor fast and affordably?


I am a part of the Better Homes and Gardens Live Better network.  Which means I get to to share a few of my favorite things, projects, opinions, and my own original ideas with you. Thank you to Better Homes and Gardens at Walmart for sponsoring this post. Follow BHG Live Better on  FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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  1. Love these ideas!! I’m in an apartment and need ideas for my bedroom, it’s so plain right now. White walls/ceiling and beige carpet, any ideas? My bed is an expresso color sleigh bed. The reason I’m having trouble picking a color is because I want my house to flow throughout and I don’t want to over for it, I have absolutely NO flavor in decor! lol

  2. Hi! I love your exposed ceilings! Can you tell me if this would work on our 1979 one-level stucco house? Any advise on exposing the ceiling?

    1. We were able to do that here because we have another roof that was built on top of the old one. We did consult with a contractor before we found out we could do this. There is insulation above the exposed ceiling as well. It all depends on how your roof was built. You need to talk to a contractor to see if you could do that on yours. Good luck!