No Mantel? No Problem! 25+ Ideas for Fireplace Mantel Alternatives

No Mantel No Problem! 25+ Ideas For Fireplace Mantel Alternatives Featured On

Often a fireplace is the center of the home.  As an obvious focal point, a fireplace is a natural meeting area and the mantel a natural spot to zero in on when we plan our decor.  But what if you don’t have a fireplace in your home?  If you spend time eyeing-up beautiful mantels on Pinterest, you may start to feel a little left out.  There’s no shortage of mantel decor ideas for all seasons and holidays, but where do you start if a fireplace mantel isn’t part of the equation for you?  Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to create awesome seasonal focal points, and here are 30 fireplace mantel alternatives to get you started.

 25+ Ideas for Fireplace Mantel Alternatives

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Faux Fireplace 

The most obvious replacement for an actual fireplace mantel is a faux fireplace mantel!  A faux fireplace has a lot of pros – the whole look and feel of an actual fireplace, added ambiance and warmth, a large focal point for a blank wall, etc.  And there are a lot of ways to go about creating one – from an actual built in fireplace with  a chimney surround and hearth, to a simple free standing fireplace surround, to a completely fabricated faux fireplace from salvaged finds.


Faux Fireplace Built-In // Bless’er House for Remodelaholic

Faux Fireplace DIY Tutorial Blesser House Featured On @Remodelaholic


Simple Faux Mantel Surround // Rogue Engineer

DIY Faux Fireplace Surround Plans Rogue Engineer 2


Freestanding Faux Fireplace // Thoughts From Alice

Midsummer Botanical Mantel Farmhouse Inspired


Impermanent Salvaged Fireplace // Vintage Revivals 



Piano Tops

Piano tops are the next best thing to having an actual fireplace mantel!  Pianos are generally large pieces of furniture that can easily create a statement and draw focus, so it’s natural to decorate the top.  Instead of having a permanent decor vignette here, you can easily treat it as a mantel to decorate for the seasons or holidays.  A console piano can be decorated just as easily as an upright, and if you find one too damaged to play, consider creating an incredible furniture piece, like a desk!


Upright Piano Top // Cherished Bliss

Stockings On Piano


Piano Mantel // Cottage Magpie

Early Summer Piano Mantel 3


Console Piano // A Year of Strategic Serendipity

Christmas Piano Side


Piano Desk Top // Knick of Time

Repurposed Piano Desk


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No Mantel No Problem! 25+ Ideas For Fireplace Mantel Alternatives Featured On

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